Interview – ‘Σοφος (Sophos)’

Transcribed interview conducted via phone, late at night whilst dealing with an inconsolable baby on the interrogator’s end, and the interrogation subject travelling home aboard a noisy bus on the opposite side of the planet.
Greetings and salutations. You are the creative force behind the ambient black metal project Sophos, hailing from Oregon; please further introduce yourself to our readers, without being too tedious and boring, please.
Sophos: (laughs) Yes. I previously lived in Oregon, when Sophos began, and those …


At the Gates / Grotesque – ‘Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil’

Artist: At the Gates / Grotesque

Title: Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil

Label: Century Media

Year: 2001

Review by Tërrørgåsm

In reviewing the split release of At The Gates’ “Gardens of Grief” demo debut and Grotesque’s “In The Embrace of Evil” compilation, I find it best to begin with the latter; for although the cd begins with the former, AtG was spawned forth from the ashes of Grotesque, with Tomas “Goatspell” Lindberg on vocals and Alf “The Haunting” Svensson to join as guitarist alongside legendary founding member Necrolord. The material here is culled from the few demos the band released …