Burnt Offering – ‘Burnt Offering’

Artist: Burnt Offering

Title: Burnt Offering

Label: Walkthrufyre Productions Inc

Year: 1989

Review by Mike Keller

So if my praisings of the Hounds didn’t do it for you, or you’re one of those “That was great and all Mike, but let’s get to the scary” haha, this should be more to your liking. Also from Chicago, but the next generation after the Hounds, Burnt Offering rose to prominence in that area in the latter half of the 80’s, cut a demo or two, released this album, and from what I know anyway have never really gone …


Hounds – ‘Unleashed’

Artist: Hounds

Title: Unleashed

Label: Columbia Records

Year: 1978

Review by Mike Keller

So my opening review has already probably thrown a few of you, “NO DEATH METAL? NO THRASH!?!?” If you aren’t just flat out thinking “Who the fuck are Hounds?” ha, but hopefully after reading this your interest will be piqued to go check this album out. The late 70’s were an interesting time for Rock N Roll. Being that the general public’s interests were generally fixated on Disco and New Wave, it was a best/worst times situation for Hard Rock …


Dream Death – ‘Journey Into Mystery’

Artist: Dream Death

Title: Journey Into Mystery

Label: New Renaissance Records

Year: 1987

Review by Tërrørgåsm

This one is a true classick, and for this review, the timeline is an important factor in considering the material presented. In 1988, I was just starting the 6th grade and had discovered the writing of H.P. Lovecraft in the school library; he had immediately become my favourite writer, and my mind was constantly immersed in the arcane realms of eldritch cosmic horror and obsessed with necrotic rituals, haunted by undying beasts, in addition to coming into the age of …