White Death – ‘White Death’

Artist: White Death

Title: White Death

Label: Werewolf Records

Year: 2017

Review by Tërrørgåsm

Fortuitously unleashed in the early winter of 2017, this debut album from Finnish powerhouse White Death is just as sonically deadly as the wintry name implies, but by no means as achromatic or desolate as the hibernal images it may conjure. Rather, blistering riffs as fast as freezing winds constantly assail the listener, with searing rasped growls and rabid howls spat relentlessly through the blinding storm by vocalist Vritrahn, who possesses a decent range, providing some fog-breathing low growls at …


Lux Ferre – ‘Excaecatio Lux Veritatis’

Artist: Lux Ferre

Title: Excaecatio Lux Veritatis

Label: Altare Productions

Year: 2015

Review by Tërrørgåsm

The most recent release from Portugal’s Lux Ferre at the tail end of 2015 slipped right through the cracks of my MMRS (mandatory metal release scanner) until being brought to my attention just recently. The Portuguese metal scene, and particularly its black/death branches, is quite incestuous with members of various bands involved in several others each, and Lux Ferre shares bandmates with scads of other notable local acts such as Inthyflesh, Corpus Christii, Flagellum Dei, Lvcifyre, Morte Incandescente, and Alchemist. …


Crvel – ‘Sombras’

Artist: Crvel

Title: Sombras

Label: New Direction Records

Year: 2016

Review by Tërrørgåsm

CRVEL from the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico deliver an extremely heavy and oppressively, almost claustrophobia-inducingly dark post-punk infused death rock that will sound familiar to fans of genre standards like Christian Death, Bauhaus, and Joy Division as well as lesser-known artists such as The Chameleons, Sex Gang Children, and Pink Turns Blue (All favourites of this reviewer). The deep, exorbitant melancholy summoned by the musicians and through the morosely wailed vocals here is equally matched by the charging energy in …


Premiere / Review: ‘Hate Manifesto – To Those Who Glorified Death’

Premier: Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death

Artist: Hate Manifesto

Title: To Those Who Glorified Death

Label: Fistbang Records

Year: 2017

Review by JH

Still fresh from their split with Wargrinder, the Athens-based trio Hate Manifesto (formerly known as Carpathian Lords), denounce the heavens with their stunning debut, entitled “To Those Who Glorified Death” ― featuring seven lashes of supreme Blackened War Metal of the highest pedigree.
The band evokes an atmosphere that takes you back to the heyday of bands like Immolation, Antaeus, Inquisition, Black Witchery, Immortal, Sadistic Intent, Enthroned, Marduk, etc. All instrumental performances are brilliant and honed to maximum effect.
“To …


Shrine of Insanabilis – ‘Disciples of the Void’

Artist: Shrine of Insanabilis

Title: Disciples of the Void

Label: World Terror Committee

Year: 2015

Review by Nachash

I usually know when I discover a band if it’s one of the artists I’m the most obsessed with or just something I might want to listen to regularly simply because I like it, regardless of genres or my preferences. I liked the songs themselves and I thought the artwork is interesting to say the least, but after listening to it a few times I realized how insane and aggressive the whole album is. With all the great albums coming …