Interview: Hordes of the Black Cross

The Aussie bunch known as Hordes of the Black Cross specialize in lethal black thrash that goes straight for the throat. The following interview was conducted with vocalist Halla and bassist Korpse Horde in June, 2017.
Greetings! Firstly, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. How’s it going? I suppose the heat is killing you guys over there at the moment?
Halla: Yes indeed! Thanks indeed for having us on board with Underground Siege.
I have since relocated from Melbourne, …


Communion – ‘At the Announcement’

Artist: Communion

Title: At the Announcement

Label: Hell's Headbangers

Year: 2018

Review by JH

Those who like their black metal safe and full of soft melodies, will probably not like Communion very much. However, those with a perpetual hunger for evil metal ― especially in the South American tradition ― will no doubt cum buckets upon hearing Communion’s debut album, At the Announcement.
I remember getting my hands on their demo when it came out and being totally blown away by its intensity and sinister atmosphere, especially the track “Black Metal Dagger.” Now, I …