Premiere / Review: ‘Hate Manifesto – To Those Who Glorified Death’

Premier: Hate Manifesto - To Those Who Glorified Death

Artist: Hate Manifesto

Title: To Those Who Glorified Death

Label: Fistbang Records

Year: 2017

Review by JH

Still fresh from their split with Wargrinder, the Athens-based trio Hate Manifesto (formerly known as Carpathian Lords), denounce the heavens with their stunning debut, entitled “To Those Who Glorified Death” ― featuring seven lashes of supreme Blackened War Metal of the highest pedigree.
The band evokes an atmosphere that takes you back to the heyday of bands like Immolation, Antaeus, Inquisition, Black Witchery, Immortal, Sadistic Intent, Enthroned, Marduk, etc. All instrumental performances are brilliant and honed to maximum effect.
“To …