Shrine of Insanabilis – ‘Disciples of the Void’

Artist: Shrine of Insanabilis

Title: Disciples of the Void

Label: World Terror Committee

Year: 2015

Review by Nachash

I usually know when I discover a band if it’s one of the artists I’m the most obsessed with or just something I might want to listen to regularly simply because I like it, regardless of genres or my preferences. I liked the songs themselves and I thought the artwork is interesting to say the least, but after listening to it a few times I realized how insane and aggressive the whole album is. With all the great albums coming …


The Sarcophagus – ‘Beyond This World’s Illusion’

Artist: The Sarcophagus

Title: Beyond This World's Illusion

Label: Satanath Records

Year: 2017

Review by Nachash

This album couldn’t really be better for me. A significant part of the record is focused on melodic guitars unlike the first full-length which didn’t use them as much. Everything I would have expected for this release has been included and emphasized. This band seems to use any idea they can come up with to make every song incredible on its own. They have an unusually mysterious and chaotic sound.
At the beginning of “Armoured Death”, the ambience becomes grim …


Obeisance – ‘Satanik Fuck’

Artist: Obeisance

Title: Satanik Fuck

Label: Morbid Moon records

Year: 2009

Review by JH

The Hell Paso bastards known as Obeisance have been active in the underground for a decade and are well known for their salvos of primitive black/thrash. Their sound emits a kind of bestial vibe redolent of bands like Blasphemy, Sodom and Bathory. In short: Obeisance are the real deal. For new listeners, Satanik Fuck is perhaps not the best introduction to the band’s brand of war black thrash, as it is a compilation of demo/rehearsal and re-recorded versions of songs …


The Projectionist – ‘Exalted Solitude’

Artist: The Projectionist

Title: Exalted Solitude

Label: Appalachian Noise Records / The True Plague Records

Year: 2017

Review by JH

The second album by Canada’s The Projectionist, titled Exalted Solitude, sees the band vomit yet another dose of despondent black metal fully immersed in black despair. Striborg, Burzum and Ildjarn may be cited as reference points for the band’s sound. The vocals are experimental, incorporating various modes of delivery, which adds a sort of frenzied edge to the music. While the vocals are engaging, they are occasionally louder in the mix than ideal, which prevents some of the riffs from cutting through to maximum effect. …


Ruin – ‘Drown in Blood’

Artist: Ruin

Title: Drown in Blood

Label: Memento Mori

Year: 2016

Review by JH

Filthy, disgusting, evil death metal ― that’s Ruin in a nutshell. It’s been a while since I heard such aural impurities, as though spoken to me by a dark deity from beyond the veil. The music transmits a feeling of bliss, but in a sick and twisted way. While there are many bands around playing ‘old-school death metal’ ― the members of Ruin go way back, which might explain why the music is displayed in such a relevant and coherent …